Life is short – have fun!

I’m heading out to Colorado tomorrow with my little family to get in a little bit of time in the mountains before all the snow melts. The basic plan is to ski/snowboard for a couple of days, and then just hang out for a couple more. No plan, no agenda, just quality time with each other and with friends.

Not everyone can afford to fly to Colorado for a week, of course, but little vacations like this, wherever they take place, are a great reminder of what matters in life. The social causes are great, the activism is wonderful, the critical analysis is essential. But sometimes, you just gotta have some fun.

In that spirit here are some things that I enjoy–things that make my life a little bit more worth living.

– Snowboarding

– Beer

– Good conversations with friends

– Travel

– Being barefoot

– Coffee

– Playing the guitar

– Hot tubbing!

– Reading (anything)

The list is intentionally short. I could keep going for a long time of course, but the point is to make you think of the things you like. When’s the last time you did something on your list? If you did something recently, did you revel in it? Did you savor it? And if you haven’t done anything you love recently, why not? Can you? Soon?

Life is too short to be too serious.